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Hybrid learning in a modern world

Virtual and in person – the Best of both Worlds!

A lot has been said about disruption but how do you manage, lead and thrive in periods of unprecedented global uncertainty? How do you build adaptive skills in complex and volatile times? Join us on any one of our Hybrid Workplace Courses as we explore these questions and the skills required to function optimally in a VUCA world.

    Ambidexterity is key to the future, what does it mean and how do you build it?

    Leaders and their teams are increasingly faced with changing conditions otherwise known as the VUCA environment – volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. Ambidexterity is key to functioning optimally in this future which means greater problem solving, creativity, EQ (emotional intelligence) and AQ (agility quotient) flex-ability is required to perform optimally and stay on course.


    Welcome to our hybrid learning short courses inspired by the flagship Beyond Thinking program, providing you with:

    • Improved Metacognition Capabilities: The ability to monitor and manage mental processes
    • Improved Attentional Control – The ability to manage and focus energy on outcomes
    • Improved EQ: Self Awareness, Self-regulation, Social Awareness and Social Influence
    • Improved Communication skills that increase psychological safety in the workplace conducive for hybrid

    Lets go!

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    Our Workplace Courses

    All Workplace Courses have their roots in the Beyond Thinking 3 day program.

    By BOOKING on any of these short courses, you will enjoy a deeper dive into the topics contained in the flagship Beyond Thinking 3 day program. This is a great way to sharpen those leadership and ambidextrous skills!

    Course Duration: 5 hour session

    Target Audience: All staff, Management and Teams

    Min Delegates: 6

    Maximum Delegates: 40

    Essential EQ Skills for Leaders and Teams

    Our flagship 3 day EQ Course – Beyond Thinking – is now available in 5 Virtual modules of 5 hours each. Learning is incremental with ample opportunity for real life integration over the sequenced sessions. Virtual Q&A support sessions are included with each module and take place after participants have had a chance to apply the practical exercises found in the Beyond Thinking Handbook.

    Stress Management – Cognitive readiness skills – becoming “future fit”

    The Current Digital and Technological transformation that supports the Fourth Industrial Revolution brings with it a new business environment. Without the right skills, this backdrop can become very stressful for Leaders and their teams.

    Communication Skills – Connecting in Hybrid Environments

    The nature of the 4th IR and hybrid working conditions requires a greater need for empathy and social skills. Given the VUCA environment, team work relies more than ever on effective communication.

    Problem Solving – Pragmatic problem solving & decision making skills

    Leaders and their teams are required to work within fast and highly responsive environments which include AI, IoT, Cloud and Block Chain, and whilst being stimulating is simultaneously experienced as volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA).

    Time & Attention Management

    The current digital and technological transformation that supports the 4IR of work has placed greater demands on our attention. We are too easily distracted from what is really important, and this can result in under performance and the perception of there never being enough time to get things done.

    Virtual Meetings – Online Etiquette & Energy Management

    Virtual meetings are challenging. Not only do we become distracted 7 minutes into a session, but these engagements also require up to three times more energy than face to face communication. To be effective online, requires additional specific communication skills.

    Beyond Thinking

    Emotional Intelligence for Times of Change