Time & Attention Management in a VUCA World

Time & Attention Management in a VUCA World


The current Digital and Technological transformation that supports 4IR has resulted in a fast, open and responsive business environment. The impact of this on our attention management is significant as we can easily find ourselves distracted from what is important. This results in under performance and the perception of there never being enough time to get things done.

Time & Attention Management in a VUCA World provides attendees with tools that will increase productivity with heightened attention control; an essential capability for the 4th IR world of work.

Topics Covered Include:

  • Awareness of attention control and how we utilise our time – business or “busyness”?
  • Raising self-awareness – “manage yourself, not time”
  • Applying the Time Matrix to increase attention management skills

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Course Duration: 5 hour session                                

Target Audience: All staff, Management and Teams   

Min Delegates: 6       Maximum Delegates: 40

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What’s In It For Us?

Outcomes include:
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  • Understand own habits and patterns around distractions
  • Utilising the “Time Matrix” to improve ongoing attention control capabilities
  • Understand how to create their own 4th Generation Time Management Tool
  • Become aware of where to make changes to improve attentional control and set priorities
  • Self-discipline – knowing how to manage procrastination and complacency
  • Knowing how to Identify and eliminate distractions
  • The Power of Goals, Values and Vision in developing attention control


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