Thriving in Uncertainty

Thriving in Uncertainty


So often we can become stressed and anxious in a world of complexity and unpredictability. It has been said that one of the best lessons you can learn in life is to master how to remain calm.  One of the important skills to develop in this regard, is emotional agility – The ability to experience emotions and events in such a way that it does not drive you in negative ways.

This Short Course is comprised of Modules 1 and 2 from the Full Course, ‘Manage your state of Well-Being’, and you will get to understand why you become reactive under stress and how your reactions keep you in a loop of experiencing the same thing again and again. You will be provided with the necessary skills to remain calm in the face of challenges and break these repetitive loops or cycles.

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I would suggest that you first begin with this course before you continue with any of the other Short Courses as each one builds on the previous knowledge providing you with greater depth of learning.

I do look forward to being with you in one of our courses soon, and until then, take care and stay aware.

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What’s In It For Me?

The short course includes the first two modules of our full course “Managing Your State of Well Being” and focuses on the theme around cognitive readiness which also contributes to a healthier state of wellbeing. The program was designed to be completed in 20 days (10 days per module) and we suggest this to get ultimate results. However, you will have instant access and can decide your own rhythm and pace. It is adaptable and flexible from those who are busy to those who would like to invest more time to yield the results.

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Lessons Approx. 32 Minutes

2 x Challenges

Additional Video Resources 30 Minutes


Learning Outcomes Module 1: Developing Emotional Agility

In this module you will explore and learn:

  • Why you have emotions.
  • What emotions are.
  • How to consciously change your emotional state.
  • The neuroscience of the subconscious
  • How your subconscious influences your behavior through your emotions.
  • How to develop self-awareness around your sub conscious behavior.
  • The difference between emotional rigidity and emotional agility.
  • How to develop emotional agility through observing and labeling your emotions.


Lessons approx: 62 Minutes

4 x Challenges

Additional Video Resources: 60 Minutes


Learning Outcomes Module 2: Ego and Base Fears

In this module you will explore and learn:

  • The base fears and why we have them.
  • The difference between fear of fear and real danger.
  • Why the health of our ego matters when it comes to facing our fears.
  • How the ego creates healthy or unhealthy coping mechanisms around our fears.
  • Some of the unhealthy ego desires, feelings, and behaviors around your base fears.
  • How to label and identify your base fears when facing them.
  • The neuroscience of fear and why we become reactive.
  • Why it is important to become less reactive when facing fears.
  • How to notice your hot buttons, and the fear behind them.
  • How to manage and reduce your reactive behavior in the face of fear.
  • How to deal with anxiety and stress through a practical deep relaxation exercise.

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