Intentions are a mental state that represent a commitment to carrying out an action now which impacts on your future. Intentions include a clear and positive statement of an outcome you want to experience which takes into consideration your goals and vision, and guide your activities, thoughts, attitudes, and choices. Hence, your intentions influence your actual experiences.

You can set an intention in any area of your life- physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Although intentions start with a mental picture of your goal, they require focus and energy to manifest which means they require Action!

When you set a clear and personally compelling intention you will tend to act in ways, respond to situations, create supportive opportunities, and make choices in harmony with your intention.  Essentially, you seek out and create experiences that you have consciously determined are important to you.

Setting clear intentions also helps you to course-correct and be more balanced when difficulties arise.

Take a minute to ask yourself, “What Intentions will support my goals in 2020?” “What will help me be productive and take right action even when I am not feeling inspired or motivated?”

Do your best to engage in this activity with your heart as well as your mind, and feel your way into what intentions, given your goals, would best support you.

Here are some examples to get you going: “I focus on learning instead of being right,” “I am willing to develop more of a growth mindset”, “I take action even when I feel uncertain,” “Every Sunday night, I plan for the week ahead.” Or you could have simple mantras, like “Release perfectionism”, “Act with courage”, “Be curious.”  You may want to brainstorm with a friend or family member as you consider what intentions would serve you well. Write down your intentions in a meaningful place so you can remember them (your mind won’t be able to hold onto them until they are well-practiced). You could make a vision board where you print out the words and paste them onto a poster board or create a screen saver.

Practice holding yourself to your intentions on a daily basis. Allow them to help you discern what your next steps are and to align your behaviour with your goals. For example, if you declare that you are willing to take imperfect action, then you are less likely to procrastinate and more likely to stay with taking the necessary steps to achieve a goal, as imperfect as the steps may well be, you will be moving in the direction of your goals.

The process of setting and working towards your intentions declares to yourself, others, and the universe that you are serious about your dreams and goals. When you consistently act in alignment with your intentions, you naturally take more positive and proactive action that brings you closer to completing your goals.

As always, it starts with You and I really hope you add the power of Intentions to your 2020!

Warm regards