Jesse Lahey hosted a phenomenal podcast with Lolly Daskal on 7 Ways to Move beyond the Leadership Gap.

In her new book, The Leadership Gap: What Gets Between You and Your Greatness, Lolly Daskal presents a system for harnessing the virtues of your leadership style. In this episode, Jesse and Lolly discuss how leaders embody seven archetypes and how each archetype has powerful abilities and hidden impediments:

  • The Rebel, driven by confidence; and the Imposter, plagued by self-doubt.
  • The Explorer, fueled by intuition; and the Exploiter, master of manipulation.
  • The Truth Teller, embraces candor; and her twin, the Deceiver, who creates suspicion.
  • The Hero, embodies courage; and the Bystander, a coward if there ever was one.
  • The Inventor, brimming with integrity; and the Destroyer, is morally corrupt.
  • The Navigator, trusts and is trusted; and the Fixer, endlessly arrogant.
  • The Knight, for whom loyalty is everything; and the Mercenary, who is perpetually self-serving.

We hope you enjoy our Favourite find as much as we do!

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