The EQ of Well Being

The EQ of Well Being


If we allow the environment to take charge of our happiness, we may find ourselves unhappy for most of the time. There is some good news though. Positive psychology has researched happiness in depth and proven what the mystics of old always knew – that our long-term well-being, happiness and joy is indeed an inside job. This requires that we consciously take charge of our well-being through specific conscious living practices and as we do so our energy levels, creativity, productivity, and ability to cope with the stresses of this environment rise. Shawn Achor, a well-known positive psychologist terms this “The Happiness Advantage”.

In this short course which comprises Modules 5, 6 and 7 of our Full Course ‘Manage your state of Well-Being’, you will explore why we get it wrong when we look to the environment for our happiness and you will be provided with conscious living practices which are scientifically proven to enhance your long term well-being.

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This course can be taken on it’s own but I would suggest you first complete ‘Thriving in Uncertainty’, ‘Thoughts help us Flourish’ and ‘The Drama Game’ to yield maximum results.

I do look forward to being with you in one of our courses soon, and until then, take care and stay aware.

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What’s In It For Me?

This short course comprises modules 5, 6 and 7 of our full course “Manage Your State of Well-Being” and focuses on the theme around taking ownership of your well-being. The program was designed to be completed in 30 days (10 Days per module). However, you will have instant access and can decide your own rhythm and pace. It is adaptable and flexible from those who are busy to those who would like to invest more time to yield the results.

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Lessons approx: 33 Minutes

3 x Challenges

Additional Video Resources 21 Minutes


Learning Outcomes Module 5: The Ego and Our Well Being

In this module you will explore and learn:

  • The relationship between ego and happiness.
  • Why the ego wants to have control over your happiness.
  • How the ego attaches “stuff” to your identity.
  • Why the ego looks to the external environment for your happiness.
  • Why the ego gets it wrong when it comes to searching for your happiness.
  • The concept of “miswanting” when it comes to finding happiness.
  • The concept of “hedonic adaptation” and how it impacts on your long-term happiness.
  • The science of why you make unhealthy comparisons to others.
  • Exercises that develop self-awareness around ego and happiness.
  • Why nothing is bad as it seems when we worry.
  • How to notice when you are making unhealthy comparisons.


Lessons approx: 26 Minutes

3 x Challenges


Learning Outcomes Module 6: Conscious Living Practices (Part 1)

In this module you will explore and learn:

  • How to consciously elevate your joy, happiness, self-worth, and well-being.
  • How to reduce the impact unhealthy comparisons have on your well-being.
  • The science of why experiences are more important than buying stuff.
  • How to counteract the effects of focusing on the negative things in one’s life.
  • How to enhance your experiences for a happier life.
  • How to reduce the effects of hedonic adaptation.
  • Practical exercises to incorporate these conscious living practices into your life.


Lessons approx: 46 Minutes

4 x Challenges

Additional Video Resources 29 Minutes


Learning Outcomes Module 7: Conscious Living Practices (Part 2)

In this module you will explore and learn:

  • The science of gratitude and well-being.
  • The science of random acts of kindness and well-being.
  • The science of healthy connections and well-being.
  • The science of eating and exercise and well-being.
  • The science of healthy sleep and well-being.
  • The four stages of how habits are formed.
  • How to change your unhealthy habits by working with these stages.
  • Other ways to make successful changes to your unhealthy habits.

Practical exercises to incorporate these conscious living practices into your life.

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