When we receive critical feedback, we may become defensive, preventing ourselves from learning our blind spots (those actions and behaviors that hold us back which we cannot see). In this short course you will learn to master the art of receiving critical feedback elegantly through practical tips.

This short course comprises the following topics:


  1. 5 Reasons Why Critical Feedback Is Important
  2. Why We Resist Receiving Critical Feedback: The Psychological Barriers
  3. Cognitive Dissonance and The Need to Be Right
  4. Developing Emotional Agility To Receive Critical Feedback
  5. The Signs of Constructive and Destructive Feedback
  6. Preparing for the Seamless Feedback Session
  7. WOOP Through Unexpected (and Critical) Feedback
  8. Navigating Critical Feedback with a Growth Mindset
  9. The Art of Asking Questions (and the “Nigysob”)
  10. Courageously Seeking Feedback
  11. Post Feedback: Channeling Feedback for Growth and Success