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A selection from many of our videos on our channel:


The Fear of Rejection

(The fear of rejection is designed to keep us safe…but sometimes playing it safe may not be what is required to grow. Colin shares some of his personal experiences around the fear of rejection.)




Inauthentic Guilt

(Do you feel guilt for no reason? Let’s explore why?)



A Two Minute Breathing Exercise

(A quick two minute breathing exercise to help you relax)



The Hole in The Sidewalk

(I heard about this poem by Portia Nelson titled “There’s A Hole in My Sidewalk” many years ago. It creates an analogy between life and a journey down a sidewalk. I was in a deep hole at the time, and it gave me the courage to ask myself “What am I not seeing?”. I have been asking this question ever since to help guide me.)



Making Comparisons and Well-Being

(Our well-being can be negatively affected when we compare ourselves to others. It requires awareness to notice these comparisons and to reset our reference points. Colin shares some ideas around this.)