Cognitive readiness skills – becoming “future fit”.

stress management – Cognitive readiness skills – becoming “future fit”


The Current Digital and Technological transformation that supports the Fourth Industrial Revolution brings with it a new business environment. Without the right skills, this backdrop can become very stressful for Leaders and their teams who are required to work with increasingly unfamiliar, challenging and volatile conditions.

Navigating this VUCA environment requires specific cognitive readiness skills to remain agile and “Future Fit”.

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Course Duration: 5 hour session

Target Audience: All staff, Management and Teams

Min Delegates: 6          Maximum Delegates: 40

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What’s In It For Us?

Outcomes include:
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  • Gain tools to develop your agility and adaptability quotients
  • Understanding the importance of a growth vs fixed mindset
  • Understanding the Impact of stress on our physical and cognitive capabilities
  • Understanding our base fears in the VUCA environment
  • Providing tools to develop cognitive readiness which includes:
    • Cognitive awareness of thoughts and how these affect our state of well-being
    • Developing Metacognition Capabilities – learn mindfulness practices to reduce anxiety and stress
    • Improve agility of thought – Change the meaning to change the feeling
    • Manage our own state of well-being through specific practices
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