Living a Meaningful Life.

Living a Meaningful Life


Having a sense of meaning, fulfilment and purpose in our day to day lives impacts positively on our quality of life and well-being. The ancient Greeks had a saying – Gnothi Seauton which means “to know thyself” and which contributes to our meaning, fulfilment and sense of purpose.

In this Short Course which comprises Modules 8 and 9 of our Full Course ‘Manage your state of Well-Being’, you will get to know yourself, by getting to know your personality type, character strengths and personal values. You will explore how to access Flow and how to develop and apply a growth mindset as you challenge yourself towards a personal vision.

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This course can be taken on it’s own but I would suggest you first complete ‘Thriving in Uncertainty’, ‘Thoughts help us Flourish’, ‘The Drama Game’ and ‘The EQ of Well-Being’ to yield maximum results.

I do look forward to being with you in one of our courses soon, and until then, take care and stay aware.

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What’s In It For Me?

This short course comprises modules 8 and 9 of our full course “Manage Your State of Well-Being” and focuses on the theme around living a more fulfilled life. The program was designed to be completed in 20 days (10 Days per module). However, you will have instant access and can decide your own rhythm and pace. It is adaptable and flexible from those who are busy to those who would like to invest more time to yield the results.

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Lessons approx: 57 Minutes

6 x Challenges

Additional Website Resources 95 Minutes


Learning Outcomes Module 8: Know Thyself

In this module you will explore and learn:

  • What a personality encompasses.
  • Why it is important to understand your personality type.
  • What your personality type is using the DISC model.
  • Why it is important to identify your character strengths.
  • What your own personal character strengths are.
  • How to apply your character strengths in your daily life.
  • What values are and the difference between values and core beliefs.
  • Why it is important to identify your personal values.
  • How to identify and prioritize your personal values.
  • The science behind working with your heart intelligence in times of change.
  • How to activate your heart intelligence.
  • The science of the loving kindness mediation and well-being.
  • How to perform a loving kindness meditation with a guided meditation.


Lessons approx: 23 Minutes

4 x Challenges

Additional Resources 18 Minutes


Learning Outcomes Module 9: Challenge Yourself

In this module you will explore and learn:

  • What “the flow” entails.
  • The importance of flow and it’s impact on our well-being.
  • How to induce “the flow” into your daily life.
  • A challenge you are required to make to induce the flow.
  • The difference between a growth mindset and a fixed mindset.
  • How to train your growth mindset.
  • Why it is important to set a personal vision.
  • How to set a personal vision.
  • How to set goals and take action towards your personal vision with a growth mindset.
  • The importance of applying your values and character strengths in achieving your vision.
  • Practical exercises to support you in moving towards your personal vision.

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