How to stay out the Drama Game

How to stay out the Drama Game


Drama pervades our lives. We see it in movies, in politics, in our families…the thing is drama can significantly impact on our mental health and well-being. It saps our energy which could better be spent on more constructive aspects of our life that contribute to our quality of life.

In this short course you will learn to easily identify the Drama Game, the roles in the game (yours and others) and the limiting core beliefs that re-enforce our victim consciousness which in turn drives this game and limits our potential. You will also be provided with practical exercises to address your limiting core beliefs and the power of how to WOOP yourself out of the game.

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This course can be taken on its own but I would suggest you first complete ‘Thriving in Uncertainty’ and ‘Thoughts help us Flourish’ to yield maximum results.

I do look forward to being with you in one of our courses soon, and until then, take care and stay aware.

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What’s In It For Me?

This short course comprises module 4 of our full course “Manage Your State of Well-Being” and focuses on the theme around the drama game which negatively impacts on our well-being and energy levels. The program was designed to be completed in 10 days. However, you will have instant access and can decide your own rhythm and pace. It is adaptable and flexible from those who are busy to those who would like to invest more time to yield the results.

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Lessons approx: 56 Minutes

3 x Challenges

Additional Video Resources 8 Minutes


Learning Outcomes Module 4: Staying out the Drama Game

In this module you will explore and learn:

  • The prevalence of the drama game in our society.
  • How to identify the drama game.
  • The main roles (archetypes) in the drama game.
  • The typical behaviors of each role in the drama game.
  • The energy pay-off for each role in the drama game.
  • How the interaction of each role creates the drama.
  • How to avoid taking on each role within the drama game.
  • How to identify and work with victim consciousness.
  • How we developed and formed limiting core beliefs that feed our victim consciousness.
  • To Identify your own personal limiting core beliefs.
  • How to work and change your limiting core beliefs.
  • How to stay out of the drama game using the WOOP methodology.

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