Synchronicity is a mysterious and funny affair. Not too long ago, I attended an Enneagram Coach training, where Portia Nelson’s fabulous poem was referenced – ‘The Hole in my Sidewalk’. I was reminded all over again of its brilliance and relevance, in that no matter where you are in your life, you are somewhere on a sidewalk doing your thing.


A few days later, Colin sent me an email sharing ideas around the final newsletter for 2018 and how he would like to reference Portia Nelson’s ‘Hole in my Sidewalk’. Well, when things like this happen, I find myself paying more attention as it seems there is a message that wants to be shared and this poem beautifully illustrates the twists and turns of life which includes the journey to becoming more conscious.


The main theme of Hole in my Sidewalk is about awareness and choice. At first one starts out unaware and the consequences for those choices and actions has the person landing in the metaphorical hole in the sidewalk.


Then when they realise the correlation between cause and effect, they choose differently but with eyes still wide shut, they land in the same situations as the habitual patterns are still being followed.


Then one day when we really have had enough, we opt for completely new choices, and at last find a new road.


So what is it that changed?


The environment we experience, also known as our reality, is an extension of mind. When you change your mind your life literally changes as the reality you are perceiving and creating is being filtered through this new mind.


Until then, your conditioned self is running the show. Another way of saying this is when we make a completely new choice, a new reality is experienced.


The good news is this does not have to be a place that we only find at the end of our journey – we can effect change much earlier by being present with wherever we are, whether in or out the hole. This is where we face our deepest fears, and limiting beliefs and when we have the courage to do so, we move through our stuck-ness much faster and are richly rewarded with what only growth can give us.

Just like experiencing some measure of discomfort in life is pretty normal at times, suffering is optional. And so is falling into holes optional and when we do, as happens from time to time, what really matters is how quickly we climb out and create that new road to walk on down.


It starts as always, with You my friends!

Warm regards,



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