Our flagship EQ Course – Beyond Thinking – is now available in 5 Virtual modules of 5 hours each. Learning is incremental with ample opportunity for real life integration over the sequenced sessions. Virtual Q&A support sessions are included with each module and take place after participants have had a chance to apply the practical exercises found in the Beyond Thinking Handbook.

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EQ1 – EQ5 Course Duration: Five virtual morning sessions of 5 hours each

Target Audience: All staff, Management and Teams

Min Delegates: 6          Maximum Delegates: 40

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Outcomes include:
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Module 1 – EQ of Resilience

Emotional Agility in the VUCA environment

Managing our well-being requires self-awareness and self-regulation which includes understanding our emotions and developing emotional agility (AQ. We explore the nature of emotions and the relationship between agility, awareness and self-regulation which builds an excellent foundation for self-mastery and resilience and much needed skills in the VUCA world. Practical exercises to manage stressful emotions and daily conditions are another key take away of this program.

Outcomes include:

  • Understanding the Neuroscience of emotions
  • Developing emotional agility
  • Understanding and managing our base fears
  • Understanding the role ego has on our behaviour
  • Understanding how to manage our hot buttons
  • Understanding how to manage our hot buttons
  • Learning to regulate emotions through specific practices


Module 2 – EQ & Metacognition

The Power of Thoughts and Core Beliefs

An optimum state of mind requires meta-cognition which is the awareness of thoughts and beliefs and how these impact our overall everyday behaviour. Here we explore the many benefits of conscious thinking and the underlying beliefs that support this powerful state of being present as well as learning practical exercises for further embodiment.

Outcomes include:

  • Understanding how thought impacts emotions and behaviour
  • Understanding the process of thinking by using the Ladder of Inference
  • Understanding our inner voices and the stories we tell ourselves
  • Gaining metacognition skills to question habitual thinking and calm our negative thought processes
  • Identifying the base fears our stories energise
  • Understanding the power of core beliefs on behaviour
  • Developing skills to question and change beliefs


Module 3

Personality and the state of Well-Being

This module explores four personality types using the DISC model as well as provides exercises on how to change the habits and patterns. We also explore how to improve our well-being with specific conscious living practices.

Outcomes include:

  • Understanding the formation of personality
  • Identifying personal strengths and weaknesses
  • Understanding our own and others personality type using the DISC model
  • Tools to upgrade habits and patterns
  • Understanding how to manage your well-being in the VUCA environment


Module 4

Creating Psychological safety and building Trust

Creating psychological safety in the workplace and at home improves the relationships in     both environments. Amy C. Edmonson Novartis Professor of Leadership and Management at the Harvard Business School, states: ‘In one study investigating employee experiences with speaking up, 85% of respondents reported at least one occasion when they felt unable to raise a concern with their bosses, even though they believed the issue was important.”

In this module we explore techniques to create psychological safety with our family, work colleagues and clients as well as how to stay out of the drama game which undermines all these relationships.

Outcomes include:

  • Understanding why psychological safety is important in the VUCA environment
  • Developing specific skill sets to create psychological safety for others
  • Understanding practical ways to build trust in the VUCA environment


Module 5 – Vision, Values and Goals

Living a fulfilled and meaningful life requires we understand our vision and purpose in life, as well as our values which are our guide to wellbeing. In this module we provide tools and exercises to create a personal vision, to identify our values as well as understand how to bring this all to life. As you join us on the 5th EQ Module, we explore a deeper sense of meaning and fulfillment by

connecting your vision and values, to your work-place.

Outcomes include:

  • Developing a clear personal vision that aligns with your work place
  • Identifying and understanding your personal values and the connection to your organisation’s values
  • Learning how to develop a set of goals and making gestures towards personal
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