Greetings Beautiful People

I hope this blog finds you all well.  I have been doing my best to get some exercise in between travels, and find myself so energized after these sessions as the endorphins surge through my body. This is a form of energy boost for me, even though I feel physically tired, my body feels vitalized. I am not going into the advantages of exercise and why we should be moving our bodies, there is enough material on that. What I would like to share are some other insights around managing our energy.

Last month I spoke about EQ and the benefits of personal development and growth in this regard. One of the most significant outcomes of my journey, has been the awareness of how I spend my energy. I would like to share some realisations of what I went through in reclaiming energy for more purposeful means.

I realized that for me, to build the reality I wished to live in, required my precious energy. When I started to pay attention to my energy levels I realized I was mostly feeling drained and lethargic because I was not taking accountability for my own energy levels. Procrastination found an easier stronghold on my behavior and I found myself allowing mundane distractions preventing me from what I wanted out of life and being there for those who mattered in my life. It was costing me dearly, and I had to make some changes, and it began with awareness.

I noticed what I was both paying attention to and not paying attention to. For example, I realized that I was not paying attention to my language and how I would complain more than be grateful. Changing my words, both spoken and the internal chatter in my head, had a profound effect on my energy levels.  I read somewhere that words are spells, that’s why they call it spelling, for me that is a truth. I have since been very careful about what I say, in my thoughts and to others, including gossip.

I also became aware of the people I involved myself with. If after I left a group of people or an individual and felt this drained feeling I realized some people can literally drain you and others can vitalize you. I have since become very discerning who I let into my personal space. My later studies taught me about social contagion and how in fact, we do affect each other energetically just by being in each other’s presence. Neuroscience supported this notion when the scientists discovered mirror neurons, that act as “wifi” between humans, and we pick up on each other’s feelings through these mirror neurons when in each other’s company.

I understand that it may be hard to avoid some of these people in the work place but with some awareness we have a better chance to observe our energy feelings and keep our energy “safe” when in situations that are unavoidable. For example, I quietly keep my body turned at 45 degrees when in such a situation, and whether there is science behind this or not, it’s a gesture to myself, that I will not allow my energy to be drained by others negativity. A notable positive side effect of reclaiming energy, by the way, is that others will enjoy being around you because of your heightened vitality. You became more magnetic so to speak.

My one teacher once said to me…”Colin, remember MYOB”. I asked him what he meant and he repeated very slowly as if I was slower than the average student (Which maybe I was ) ”Colin, remember, mind your own business not others”. Since that day I simply ask myself, “is it my business? and can I do anything about it?” and if either of these hold no truth, I do my best to let go and not waste my energy on what is not my business and what I cannot control. I find it is the small things that matter. I began to listen more, argue less and stopped the need to correct people if they have a different viewing point to mine. it’s their business not mine. I stopped the need to be right every time.

Lastly, when it came to the past. I noticed I would focus on the negative aspects of what happened in my past with a “poor me” attitude. Now, if I dart back to the past, which I do much less, I am looking at what I gained, not lost. And more importantly I learned that the past is no indicator of the future. As for the future, well its uncertain, always has been, always will be. When it comes to worrying about the future, I notice how I can lose so much vital energy. Letting go and becoming more present to what is required here in the “Now” has allowed me to have more momentum towards what I want out of life. 

On this note, I leave you with a beautiful piece that is attributed to David Richo’s book “How to be an adult”.

“The acrobat who swings from one trapeze to the next knows just when she must let go. She gauges her release exquisitely and for a moment she has nothing going for her but her own momentum. Our hearts follow her arc and we love her for risking the unsupported moment.”

So dear readers, energy goes where attention flows, where is your attention going today and if it’s not affirming your aliveness, can you let it go?

Until we chat again,

Take care and stay aware

With Love


As I became more selfish about how I spent my energy I discovered I had more available to use on areas I wished to focus on. For example, my teaching. When I walk into a class I must be highly energized and use this energy to support my students. Keeping a surplus of energy for me allowed me to be there for others that counted. In addition, I had the surplus energy to make gestures towards the end results I wished to have in my life. For example, moving to a small town for a quality of life I wished to have, and leaving what I knew behind, required I face my fears and self-doubts…this takes up much energy which I now had.

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