Hello and welcome to January 2018,

We hope you had a well deserved rest and relaxation over December and perhaps even some of it was spent reflecting on what to stop, start and continue in 2018. Normally we begin a new year with energy and enthusiasm for what we want to achieve and our schedule has a bit more space which makes all our well meaning resolutions so much more peachy in January.

But all too often as the months pass by our enthusiasm is taken up by the more pressing things of life which in itself is another matter best addressed by values, daily habits, priorities, important vs urgent, boundaries, delegating etc   

However, there is an alternative to the new year resolution norm, that if you gave it a chance could just be what would work for you in 2018. It does require less judgement of self and the past and more awareness of being prepared to try something different so as to go beyond any personal best.

Let me back track just a bit as you think about what’s required to make a new year resolution. How much critical self-assessment do you have to do just to map out any parameters and then once you have these in place, consider as the year progresses, how you then continually criticise yourself in measuring up – such as to what extent are you on or off track, wrong or a failure?

That may not be the kindest way to start a new year adventure as it can lead to us creating a distance from ourselves, from others, from possibility and from the unique brilliance that each of us has within that allows us to more fully create our lives.

Whew doing it that way is actually hard work! What if you didn’t have to create this separation from your ability and the millions of ways life can contribute to you? What if you weren’t wrong? And if you weren’t wrong, what would you be and what would you create?

For starters, if we consider the following to be true – your point of view creates your reality; your reality does not create your point of view. Knowing this, what else could then be possible for you?

Here’s what you could do different

1. Scan through the past 12 months and acknowledge your accomplishments, achievements and changes. Not in some egocentric, narcissistic way, just simply acknowledge this for yourself.

2. Get clear on what it is you would like to have going forward, and Ask for it … use a journal to jot down the things you would like to create which could include a healthier body, greater joy, better relationships at home and work, engaging more and in different ways with internal and external customers, learning new leadership skills, increased sales and business turnover, resources for social upliftment, reducing stressors, increasing emotional, physical and mental wellbeing, more travel, etc.

To become even clearer, you could consider further questions like:-

  • What can I be or do to create this?
  • What’s it going to take to create more and bigger?
  • What else is possible here that I’ve not acknowledged?
  • And, ask yourself ‘am I willing to be or do whatever it takes to create that, to have that as my life, living and reality?’

3. Once you’ve noted each Ask, get a sense of what your life will be like when you have all you have asked for. It helps to find some quiet time to really get in touch with the sensations and subtle energy or awareness that you have of what you have Asked for. Now it may take a few times of getting in touch with this but please do it as it is important to the next point.

4. Be willing to Receive what you have asked for then go about your life. As we know, things do not always turn up how we imagined. We do get what we ask for and very often don’t recognise this fact so a sure fire way to be more in touch with the energy of Ask and Receive is to notice subtlety and this is where you need to be more open to the many wondrous ways life can contribute to you. 

What if the simple act of Ask and Receive could be a major contribution for you this year? It’s certainly worth keeping in mind as you start off with January’s enthusiasm for your formal goals, because as a wise friend once told me ‘what you’re not willing to ask for, you’re not willing to receive’.

A Happy 2018 to you all!

Warm regards



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