COMMUNICATION SKILLS – Connecting in Hybrid Environments.

COMMUNICATION SKILLS – Connecting in Hybrid Environments


The nature of the 4th IR and hybrid working conditions requires a greater need for empathy and social skills. Given the VUCA environment, team work relies more than ever on effective communication between multiple stakeholders, for greater collaboration in achieving team goals, identifying and solving problems and improving customer relations.


Topics include:

  • The Neuroscience of communication
  • Understanding your predominant communication style
  • Developing non-verbal, verbal and paraverbal skills
  • Developing effective listening skills
  • Understanding the importance of empathy in a VUCA Environment

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Course Duration: 5 hour session

Target Audience: All staff, Management and Teams

Min Delegates: 6          Maximum Delegates: 40

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What’s In It For Us?

Outcomes include:
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  • Understand how the brain functions when we interact with others
  • The Importance of self-awareness and self-regulation in conversations
  • Knowing how to create clear outcomes to prepare for effective conversations
  • Learn how to keep developing your influencing skills – relevant tools provided
  • Understanding the importance of deep listening and empathy
  • Opportunity to identify own areas for improvement and apply in the work-place
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