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Colin Thompson

My name is Colin Thompson and I am lead developer and facilitator of Dynamic Growth Training. Many years ago, I was practicing as a chartered accountant in corporate and whilst my skills were well developed around business, I realized I had to learn more about people which I do believe are the most important asset to any company. So, I began my journey of self-discovery, getting to know myself first and as I learned more about why I behave the way I did, I then began to have a deeper understanding about why others behave the way they do. Through my thirst for knowledge in psychology, neuroscience and philosophy I discovered incredible tools that could help me improve the quality of my life, and how to better influence others. Through this process I also discovered my passion and purpose – to share this knowledge with others so that they could also have access to what I had discovered. 

I joined Dynamic Growth training over a decade ago and together with our team, we developed a series of “Beyond Thinking” courses that would impart this knowledge to others, with practical tools that could be applied in both their professional and personal environments. We were one of the first training companies to bring advanced mindfulness exercises into corporate through our very unique coaching style approach.  Over time as we moved deeper into the 4th Industrial revolution, and we found that our courses, being ahead of their time in terms of content and outcomes, were highly applicable to the environment we now find ourselves in, filled with volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.  

For over a decade I have had to the honour to share this knowledge with many, and when I see the shine in their eye when they walk away, I am reminded of why I do what I do. I hope to see you in one of our virtual courses soon.

CA (SA) B-Comm B-Acc

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