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Developing Your Metacognition Skills

Developing Your Metacognition Skills In these short videos you will discover: Practical ways to develop your metacognition skills Why we tend to worry more about what can go wrong than what can go right. The pitfalls of mass mind...

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An Introduction to the 4 Control Dramas

An Introduction to the 4 Control Dramas In this series of short talks you will discover: The four types of control drama used to steal your energy. Control Drama #1 - The Intimidator. Control Drama #2 - The Interrogator Control Drama...

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Break Free of The Drama Game

Break Free of The Drama Game The drama game has a negative impact on our overall wellbeing. It involves unhealthy conflicts that tend to repeat themselves in our work and personal relationships. In these 6 free lessons from...

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Beyond Thinking

Emotional Intelligence for Times of Change

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