Beyond Thinking.

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Beyond Thinking

Emotional Intelligence for Times of Change

Not only will organisations have to transform to meet the demands of the 4th IR, employees will have to learn to take a proactive and self-managed approach to their skills development and work. Beyond Thinking provides the skills needed to thrive in the emerging future. From emotional mastery to self, leadership, managing your work and creativity, these skills will support your successful future.

Our world of work and how we work has changed forever. The current digital and technological transformation that supports the Fourth Industrial Revolution, also referred to as Industry 4.0 and 4IR, includes Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, the Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Technology and Blockchain technology.

The business environment is now faster, more open and responsive. Leaders and their teams are required to navigate this increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) environment with ease.

Are you ready for this world?


Welcome to Beyond Thinking our flagship, Hybrid Learning Course,

where we explore the relevant personal skills and tools that support leaders and teams in functioning with greater autonomy and certainty despite VUCA conditions.

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Delivery & Duration:

Beyond Thinking: 3 days in person in Classroom


5 Modules over five consecutive days or once a week: Facilitator led Hybrid or Virtual event

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What’s In It For Us?

We invite you to join us in gaining:

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  • Improved conflict management abilities
  • Greater problem solving and cognitive capacity
  • Improved ability to work with and create change
  • Improved interpersonal dynamics and ability to influence others
  • Improved ability to manage own negative emotions and foster more positive emotions, attitudes and behaviours
  • Improved sense of purpose within the organisation and in personal life
  • Alignment of personal and organisational visions, values and goals
  • Improved Leadership capabilities including influencing and managing a created desired outcome
  • Improved focus on desired End Results and bringing these into the workplace


    Outcomes are powerful and because Beyond Thinking is delivered as a ‘team learning’, the beneficial impact is exponential and enjoyed by all.

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