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You shape your life through the power of your attention

You shape your life through the power of your attention

Another way of explaining the power of our attention is that energy flows where attention goes. If you are 35+ you will remember how ground breaking the concept of the Law of Attraction was. We learned that whatever we paid attention to, whether by thinking, talking...

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The Power Of Intentions

The Power Of Intentions

Intentions are a mental state that represent a commitment to carrying out an action now which impacts on your future. Intentions include a clear and positive statement of an outcome you want to experience which takes into consideration your goals and vision, and guide...

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AQ and the Growth Mindset

Earlier this year we discussed the importance and benefit of having a Growth Mindset and now we are exploring the related 4IR skill-ability which is your Adaptability Quotient. A growth mindset is essential for developing greater flexibility and adaptability including...

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The Human Experience in the 4th IR

With us well into the 4 IR there is no better time than for employers to review the concept of the employee experience. The impact of an increasingly technological world upon the “human experience” at work needs to be kept in the forefront of those tasked with...

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The Story of Imaginal Cells

This Blue Morpho didius butterfly image is used with permission from The term “Imaginal” has connotations of imagination, the process of creating new ideas and concepts of things that do not yet exist. In biology, the term is applied to Imaginal...

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The Difference Between Good and Great

What am I? I am the experience people have when they are completely immersed in an activity for its own sake, stretching body and mind to the limit, in a voluntary effort to accomplish something difficult and worthwhile. I am the key differentiator between those who...

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Is your circle psychologically safe?

Somewhere between uncertainty and motivation is psychological safety. As a leader, you need to be aware of this fine balance where any focus on peoples accountability for excellence is not being negatively impacted from fear to talk with each other, or yourself,...

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Keys To Access Your Centre

You’re faced with a barrage of responsibilities each day—work to do, emails to answer (oh look, another one just came in!), errands to run, family commitments, cleaning, cooking ... the list goes on forever. All those demands on your time and energy leave you with...

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Beyond Thinking

Emotional Intelligence for Times of Change

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