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Dealing with heartbreak


I have been through a break up in my relationship recently, how can I deal with these feeling of heartbreak?




I often find myself lying in bed in the early hours of the morning worrying and I can’t get back to sleep – have you got any tips to help me het back to sleep?


Managing Anger


I have been finding that I am getting angry more often, and this is affecting those close to me…How can I manage this?


The Imposter Syndrome


“At work I have been told I do not speak up enough. But I feel that everyone else knows more than me, and I might look stupid if I do. How can I work through this?” In this session Colin explores what the imposter syndrome is and how you can work through the imposter syndrome.




“I find that I can procrastinate which impacts on my stress levels. Have you got any tips to help stop procrastination?” Why do we procrastinate and how can we break through procrastination? Colin shares some ideas on these questions




What do you do if someone keeps making you feel that you are wrong or going crazy when you raise a concern about something they did?


Changing Habits


Why is it so hard to change bad habits? Have you got some tips to help with this?




I used to feel excited about my work but lately I find I am exhausted and unmotivated. I feel like I am drowning in my responsibilities both at home and work. What can I do? Colin explores why we experience burnout and three questions we need to look at to help reclaim our power.


Facing Change


“I have been facing a lot of change in my life lately and feel anxiety because I do not know what lies ahead. How can I work with these feelings?” I share my perspective on this question, and I would love you to share in the comments section below.


Happiness – Why do we get it wrong?


Happiness eludes us so often, why do we get it wrong?