So what is this thing called personality which distinguishes our uniqueness from common humanity?

I found the most succinct response to this question in the recommended reading link at the end of this blog. ‘The bottom line is it depends upon your perspective on human nature. If you believe that people are biological machines driven by their genes, their brains, and their environments, then personality is simply due to variations in temperament or programming, i.e. differences in behaviour caused by nature and nurture (genetic and social factors). If you believe that people can consciously change and improve themselves to some extent, then personality includes character: a set of strengths and virtues (as well as weaknesses and vices) which we can consciously develop throughout life.’

My personal leaning is towards the latter. I prefer the idea that we can grow and change with conscious choice and congruent action.

As we know, we cannot fully see ourselves without preconditioned bias, so we also rely on external feedback. The important part to remember in all this, is that feedback no matter the source, is not impartial. The idea of personality is a term used to measure, evaluate and recognise how we express ourselves in the world. Each school of thought has their own agreed tool of measurement and criteria.

Some parts of personality are believed to be pre-determined like ‘extroverted’ and ‘conscientious’ while other parts of the personality are imprinted from early childhood and how we deal with life. In short you could say that Personality  = Temperament + Character where…

  • Temperament refers to those traits that are predetermined.
  • Character refers to how we develop as conscious individuals, how we choose to deal with life as we grow through experience.

Can we consciously develop our personality? Yes, I believe we can and I’m now reminded of a useful comment to this end, made by an old teacher who always said, be a walking question mark? Something we could do well to remember more often! To explore this further I highly recommend the link below documenting an easy to read evolution of research into what makes up the human personality.

I would like to include a slightly different tack to all this and one which may have you considering the importance of the personality. If you are a Dr Joe Dispenza fan, you will have heard him say many times over, “Your personality creates your personal reality.” BOOM! Read that again and this time really read it. “Your personality creates your personal reality.”

Dr Joe is a neuroscientist and gives seminars on how create a personal reality that is not subject the the habits and patterns of your personality. When made aware of a desired future, our brain starts to make new connections which then start to change the way our mind works. He also says, “To truly change is to think greater than your environment.” Again, chew on that… “To truly change is to think greater than your environment.” If you’re trying to change your reality but staying with your current personality that has created your current personal reality, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Neuroscience says “it IS possible to believe in a future that you can’t see with your senses but you’ve thought about enough times in your mind that your brain is literally changed to look like the event has already happened.” If you want to create a new personality, on a fundamental level you will have to change your thoughts, behaviours/habits and emotions. Your way of being in the world which is so tied into your Identity of the you, you believe yourself to be.

Our Beyond Thinking program, is another way you could discover more on evolving your personality through your thinking, habits and behaviour whilst creating a personal reality.

Remember to keep present as you grow and change. The mind has a tendency to forget where you came from and what you have accomplished especially with regards to the inner world. Some days there is more ease with this than others, but what you will notice is how incremental and rewarding it all is.

It starts with You!

Warm regards


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